Privacy Policy VATEUD's Privacy Policy

When you use VATEUD services, there is information sent to us that we use to collect statistics, analyze trends, and provide services to you, and the facilities that make up VATEUD.

Information We Collect

To help enhance the VATEUD experience, we collect information across a series of products and services all to enhance the user experience. We collect information in the following ways:

  • Information you give us. When you register an account with VATSIM and transfer to VATEUD, login to the VATEUD service, take a quiz, use our Computer Based Training (CBT) system, or participate in the forums, information that is generally considered personal is given to us from you and VATSIM to include, but is not limited to: your name and email address.
  • Information we get from you. Some other information is passed by your computer or electronic device, web browser, and VATSIM client. Information can include: your IP address, web browser type and version, device specific information (such as operating system, unique device identifiers and mobile network information). This information may be linked to your account.
  • Log Information. Each time you perform an action on VATEUD services, your action is logged. Information logged can include: type of action, data being sent and received, IP address the request originated from, software used to make the request, identification cookies, and the results of the request.
  • Location Information. Your location information may be associated with each request through geolocation against the originating IP address, information given to us by you or given to us by you through VATSIM.
  • Analytical Information. Via Google Analytics, we may collect anonymized statistical information to include: age, gender, location, device information, web browser type and version, ISPs, mobile network provider information, etc. for the purposes of identifying trends and better target our platforms.
  • Storage Location. Data is stored and encrypted on services owned or leased by VATEUD.

How we use your information

To help enhance the VATEUD experience, we collect information across a series of products and services all to enhance the user experience.

We use the information collected to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services.

The information we collect is maintained with confidentiality to the extent possible. The following information is shared with VATEUD associated facilities:

  • VATSIM Certificate ID (CID)
  • Your name
  • Your VATSIM achievements and ratings
  • Your VATSIM associated email address
  • VATEUD facility associations, VATSIM region and division associations
  • VATEUD staff associations and VATEUD staff email addresses

The following information may be shared publicly:

  • VATSIM Certificate ID (CID)
  • Your name
  • VATEUD staff associations and VATEUD staff email addresses
  • VATEUD facility associations, VATSIM region and division associations
  • VATSIM achievements and ratings

The following information is collected and may be used to protect our services, up to and including cooperation with legal requests for information from Law Enforcement agencies:

  • The above listed public information
  • All IP addresses used and associated with your account
  • Geolocation against aforementioned IP addresses
  • Activities performed with the VATEUD web services

We may store identification tokens and other limited information on your electronic device through web storage or cookie usage.

Who we share with

The information we collect may be shared with, in limited capacities, with the following:

  • Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (
  • VATEUD associated facilities (listed under "vACCs" on the navigation bar)
  • Law Enforcement agencies if requested
  • Google Analytics
Cookie Usage

We use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit and use a VATEUD service. This may include a cookie or other similar technologies to identify your browser or device. We also use Google Analytics to help analyze the traffic to our websites and the information may be linked, by Google Analytics, with customers for information across multiple websites.

Our cookies are mainly used as a means of tracking virtual users across the VATEUD domain and VATEUD associated facilities. This allows us to know who is requesting and using our services, provide authentication and authorization checks to restricted areas.

You may choose to disable cookie usage via your browser, but doing so will prevent access and use across restricted areas of the website and severely degrade your experience.

Right to be Forgotten, Data Rectification & Access

As a division of VATSIM you are entitled to the same rights as provided to you by the VATSIM Network.

Request for Access
  • You have a right to access your data and view the data collected on you. This data will be released to you on written request to [email protected].
  • Data request will be honoured and delivered within one month. In the event VATEUD cannot meet the one month timeframe, VATEUD will email you before prior to the due date for a further two month extension from the time of your initial request.
  • Only personal information relating to the member will be delivered. To protect the privacy of VATEUD staff members the names of individual staff members making entries on your training records and other security measures may be redacted.
  • Request for access to your information will be provided to you at no charge.
Right to Rectify
  • You have a right to rectify data you believe to be inaccurate. We encourage members to ensure details such as email address are kept up to date through the self-service membership dashboard. If you believe other data held is incorrect you can raise a support ticket with the Membership Department to seek to have it corrected. To request data rectification email VATEUD at [email protected].
  • All changes will be completed at no charge to you.
  • You have the right to request we restrict the processing of your data in the event of a dispute, this may restrict your ability to connect to the network.
  • You have the right to object to our legitimate interests. While your objection is being considered, processing of your data may be frozen, and this may restrict your ability to connect to the network.
Right to be forgotten
  • You have the right to request your data be erased from the VATSIM systems. This will result in the termination of your membership of VATSIM. To deactivate and delete your information contact VATSIM at
  • Requested deletions during a suspension period will be processed after the suspension period has been fulfilled.
  • VATSIM, after processing your opt-out, will forward the request to VATEUD for processing and removal.