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Membership Questions about user details, region and divisional transfers.

How do I transfer within or to VATEUD?

If your current division is within the VATEMEA region, or you would like to transfer to another vACC within VATEUD:
Please submit a transfer request on the transfer page.

If your current division is outside the VATSIM EMEA Region: Change your region on myVATSIM (VATSIM's Membership Portal), select your new region as "VATSIM EMEA", and the new division as "Europe". It may take up to 5 days for your region transfer to be approved.

How do I change my password, or email?
VATSIM Europe does not manage any VATSIM names, passwords, or emails. You should refer to myVATSIM (VATSIM's Membership Portal) to change your VATSIM details.

Note: for name changes, you should contact the VATSIM Membership Department

Misc Any questions which don't fit the categories above.

I failed an exam, can I try again?

Yes! All exams automatically reassign, usually within a week. However, depending on your vACC it may be shorter, or longer. The only time an exam will not automatically reassign is if your instructor/mentor manually cancels the reassignment.

How do I report issues with the website?

First things first, thanks for letting us know what's broken! You can send our Web & Tech Director an email at [email protected]