Scandinavia vACC

Position Name Email
Director 1384322 Contact
Training Director 890769 Contact
Director of Copenhagen FIR 1226374 Contact
Director of Norway FIR 1340812 Contact
Director of Sweden FIR 811805 Contact
Director of Helsinki FIR 1460595 Contact
Director of Reykjavik CTA 1423573 Contact
Data Protection Officer 1203470 Contact
Web Services Director 1352906 Contact
Web Services Assistant 1512667 Contact
Web Services Assistant 1419105 Contact
Web Services Assistant 1401513 Contact
Web Services Assistent 1581824 Contact
Event Coordinator 1157125 Contact
Event Assistant Sweden 1480664 Contact
Event Assistant Denmark 1581824 Contact
Event Assistant Norway 1540722 Contact
Event Assistant Finland 1458761 Contact
Event Assistant Iceland 1308253 Contact
Training Assistant Sweden 937154 Contact
Training Assistant Denmark 1280555 Contact
Training Assistant Norway 1352906 Contact
Training Assistant Finland 1339541 Contact
Training Assistant Iceland 1196137 Contact
Deputy Training Assistant Sweden Vacant Contact
Deputy Training Assistant Denmark 1336291 Contact
Deputy Training Assistant Norway 1272784 Contact
Pilot Training Manager 1695039 Contact
Chief Flight Instructor 1358735 Contact
Deputy Chief Flight Instructor 1193177 Contact